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I help people reach greater levels of success & happiness by helping them call upon the strongest part of themselves and attune to what's most important.

I'm a psychotherapist, coach and facilitator of change (including life transitions).

My job is to help you feel secure, strong, and more focused on what's personally meaningful.  If you want to tune into that and get moving more swiftly toward your values and visions for your life, I can help. 

If you want to live in alignment with your values and you need to make some changes in order to do so, getting proper coaching can make a big difference--getting you there faster and with more clarity and joy in the process. 

If you are interested in working with me, click the "Book Now" button below. I will call you at the number you provide, at a time that you choose, and answer any questions you have about my coaching programs and whether they would be a good match for you.   


Life Success System for ADHD (and the College Success System for ADHD).  My point of view on ADHD is based on just about 20 years of working with children, adolescents, and adults who've been diagnosed or exhibit symptoms congruent with ADD/ADHD. There is a real difference in the ways ADHD and non-ADHD brains go through life.  Because we live in a society that so strongly values punctuality, hard work, ambition, and achievement, ADHD'ers with their tardiness and forgetfulness are often viewed as lazy or unconcerned. And there are years and years of wounds inflicted on the hearts and souls of ADHD'ers that need to be healed. You can read more of my take on ADHD here.   
You can reach out to me for private ADHD coaching which is usually weekly to start ($125 per session) or enroll in an ADHD coaching group ($125 initial session fee + $97 per 4-week session).  During the initial private session, we outline your goals for the program. During the first 4 week session, you complete educational modules and track your progress daily.  You also participate in a monthly group coaching session.  If you wish, you may continue getting the accountability, structure, and coaching of the program by renewing your participation every 4 weeks so that you are receiving ongoing support.  Each 4 week session is $97. 
Social Anxiety:
The Easy Confidence Program is for people who are struggling to make connections and feel at ease socially. To begin, we start with a private session via phone or video conference ($125 fee) to set your goals for the initial program term.  Then, you begin the 4 week guided program ($97) where you track your progress daily, working on the assignments in the weekly education modules. At the end of the initial 4 week program, you may continue in the program for the group coaching, accountability, and support by renewing your participation.  Each 4-week cycle is $97 and includes membership in the online accountability program and monthly group coaching calls.
Making a Living while Making a Difference:
Wise Woman Livelihood

For any of these programs, you can schedule a time for us to connect via phone. This conversation allows us both to ask questions and decide if it makes sense to work together.