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If you like a clear-cut plan...

A coaching package may be the way to go.  I offer recommendations about what would be best after our initial consultation.  However if you know for sure what you are looking for, see if one of these optinos is right for you and let me know when we schedule our consultation.  

Life Coaching 101:  12 fifty-minute sessions via skype) over the course of 3-4 months to systematically address all major areas of life and get you moving forward (time management, work life balance, wellness, money, relationships, stress, family, career, and others).  Includes unlimited email and text support and a bonus session one month after completing the program.  Investment = $1,650

Sarah's Bootcamp:  6 fifty-minute sessions over the course of 2 months to kick you into gear when it comes to the life goals that are most important to you and require some tough love (weight loss and nutrition, stress management, finances, career transitions, and others).  Includes unlimited text and email support and a bonus follow-up session one month after completing the program.  Investment = $850

Jump Start Coaching:  4 fifty-minute sessions via skype over the course of one month.  This option is for you if you're very clear on where you want to go, have a support system to help you as you move to make changes in your life, and function with a high level of motivation.  Includes unlimited text and email support.  Investment = $550

For ADHD Coaching or Academic Coaching, please email or call 215-995-0155


For individual coaching, I offer two options.  Most of my clients are Ongoing, but you’re more than welcome to book a single session if you have just one or two specific issues you want to address.  

Ongoing (Monthly Package)
 Four 50-minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype. (In-person sessions may be available in the Greater Philadelphia area)
• Unlimited email coaching. Email is an effective way to maintain continuity between our sessions.  Frequent emailing can help you stay on track with your coaching goals.  I usually respond within one business day.
• Fee: $500 per month.  Automatically renews each month until you’re ready to stop coaching.

Single Session
• One 50-minute laser coaching session via phone or Skype.
• Follow-up emails
• Fee: $125 one-time fee paid in advance.

Still Have Questions?

I am available for coaching sessions Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm.  The fees are listed above.  If you still have questions after reading this page, and you can afford my coaching fees (insurance is not accepted), feel free to send an email to  We will get back to you to answer your questions.  If you are ready to get started, schedule your introductory consultation today!