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I'm Sarah Shore.  ADHD Coach.  Creator of several coaching programs for adolescents and adults with ADHD.  I want you to experience more success and reach your full potential.  My coaching programs are designed to help you do that.  

I began my career as a therapist, working with all sorts of people...both adults and children.  I soon realized I didn’t want anyone I worked with focusing on the past...or focusing on problems.  I want you focused on your future and your success. I want you to move forward toward the bright future ahead of you. So, I left the field of therapy since the emerging field of coaching was a much better fit for my style and philosophy of change.  It was one of my very first coaching clients that really opened my eyes to the pain and struggle of ADHD. 

If you would like to read a more formal resume of my educational credentials and professional experience, see my resume.  If you want the deeper story, read about Barry below.  Its important for me to let you know that I believe attentional capacity exists on a spectrum.  Some people have lots of capacity for sustained attention and focused action.  Others have much less.  My work is about getting you further along on your path toward what's most important to you and working with your unique psychological and attentional make-up to create the greatest degree of success. 

 Barry's Story...

When I first started out, I didn’t really think there was much to ADHD.  Maybe it caused distractibility, maybe a little hyperactivity... but I didn’t see it for the severe condition I now know it to be. Then I met Barry. He was 21 at the time, had been to boarding school and back, lots of behavior problems as a teen, had a few attempts at college under his belt but none completed successfully, and he knew what he wanted. He wanted to succeed in college, get himself together, manage the cash he earned from his part time job as a waiter, and develop his goals for the future. He dreamed of being a actor.

"He was one of the most articulate, talented, and bright 21-year-olds I had ever met."

And his ADHD was severe. It became crystal clear to me that he had trouble focusing during our conversations. I could see him fight to concentrate and stay present in our discussions.  I wanted to help Barry and others just like him. I could see the potential he had. And even more important, he knew the potential he had. I’ll never forget asking him why he wanted to start working with a coach. He said,

“I know I’m capable of great things, I just need to figure out how to get there.” 

The coaching programs I've developed have been born out of my work with Barry and countless others over many years. When Barry got the support and structure and tools he needed to really be successful,

  • his confidence shot way up
  • he seemed happier
  • he was proud of himself and his accomplishments

His ADHD had been holding him back but after working on the skills and habits I teach in my coaching programs, Barry really blossomed into the successful 20-something he was meant to be.


"I help you focus on what's important to you, take action on your decisions, and become better at managing yourself and your life."

I work with people just like you...and have been doing so long before it had a name and before coaching became a popular second career for thousands of people.  My expertise is in helping people and organizations make big changes in their behavior so that they experience massive, transformational growth.  

Beyond that, my psychological training has positioned me as a trained therapist and learning expert.  I've been helping people with their success goals (things like making better use of their time, succeeding in academia, getting started with a business idea) since 1999.

My professional credentials include degrees from Albright College and Villanova University in Psychology.  My professional interests center around self-growth and personal development for people just like you who want to get the most out of this one life we are living!  I've found with the help of a coach, ADHD clients can get moving past the basics of managing their lives to the parts that are exciting, fulfilling and meaningful.  It all starts with the support of an expert coach...and from there, the sky is the limit.

"I'm here to help you if you are ready to get to the next level in your life or business, whether its school/college issues, ADHD, becoming an entrepreneur or reinventing yourself.  I'm here to help get you on the track you want to be on and headed to the place you want to go. I'm here to listen, I'm here to motivate, I'm here to inspire you to move forward."  

In addition to being a prominent coach in the Philadelphia and Main Line PA area, I work with clients worldwide...from Palo Alto to Jakarta...and lots of placed in between.  I have a few talks that I give to different audiences in the area on the topics of...  

  • Creating a daily routine as a key to success with ADHD
  • How to start a business doing what you love
  • How to go with the flow of your ADHD for greater success in daily life
  • Developing greater resilience in the face of challenges 
  • Enhancing motivation for change

I am an interactive, high-energy coach.  I am focused on helping you achieve your goals.  I am strong, energetic, and fast-paced.  You will need to tell me to slow down if I move too fast.  Most of all, I care deeply about your success...whatever that means to you.    

Professional Activities and Memberships:
American Psychological Association
Children and Adults with ADHD
Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance
Psychology Today Verified Professional