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The Academic Coaching Advantage


The Value of Academic Coaching! 

As parents, many of us consider our child's education to be of extreme importance, and worth the significant investment of time and resources.  Some students, while trying their best, need a helping hand to achieve their best performance.  Here is where academic coaching comes in as a valuable resource for your child.  Many students may struggle with certain subject matter at one time or another.  While academic coaching can help resolve this issue, we focus more on helping the student "learn how to learn."  What is the difference between a tutor and an academic coach?  A tutor's goal is to help the student learn the material.  An academic coach, while adequately proficient in most subject matter, focuses on your child's thinking patterns and learning style so that now, and in the future, your child can achieve greater self-sufficiency and self-confidence in the academic arena.  Sarah's expertise as a coach, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of developmental, cognitive, and educational psychology allows her to work effectively with students to help them surpass their prior performance and achieve greater levels of scholastic success.  

Sarah's approach to academic coaching helps your child to build and maintain life-long learning "habits" such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and hypothetical reasoning abilities!  Who would benefit from academic coaching?  If your son or daughter is currently a student in the Philadelphia/Main Line area, chances are he or she would benefit from academic coaching at some point.  Time spent with an academic coach can provide support to your student at critical points in his or her education, whether in a local public or private school.  More and more is expected of our students each year--the bar is rising!  Academic coaching can be a very effective strategy for helping your child stay excited about school and meet or exceed these rising standards...with confidence and enthusiasm

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Academic Coaching

 What can you expect from ACADEMIC COACHING?

  • Improved GPA 
  • Fewer dropped classes
  • Greater confidence in academic abilities
  • Improved understanding of course material 

Academic coaching can be the answer for students that want to reach a higher level of academic success.  The additional motivation, support and planning that a coach provides can create improved productivity, self-understanding and efficiency for students. Read more about the advantages of academic coaching here and email Sarah to set  up a complimentary consultation.

  • Learn how to learn
  • Learn how to perform better on tests
  • Develop solid time management strategies
  • Get organized and maintain good routines
  • Become more self-sufficient in managing complex academic courseloads
  • Focus on goals and the steps to reach them
  • Improve the ability to process complex information and reach improved levels of understanding
  • Maintain motivation when challenges arise

Think of an academic coach as similar to any other coach--sports coach, life coach, ADHD coach.  Identify strengths and weaknesses, develop goals, and work to achieve success. As an academic coach, Sarah works individually with college students (and in some cases high school students) on motivation, time management, personal accountability, organization, and other skills and habits that will set you up for the greatest level of success.