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My job is to help you come to understand the strategies that work best for you and to help you strengthen the skills that will help you reach your immediate and long term goals. Living with ADHD isn't easy and it slowly chips away at your self-confidence. I'm here to get you feeling inspired, ready to take action, and focused on what you want to accomplish. I help you zero in on the tools, strategies, and techniques that will help you get there.
I'm a believer in the idea that good daily habits are the key to success. Sleep, diet, exercise, time for fun & friends, a routine for keeping your enviromnent clean and tidy & your bills in order. These are the foundations of a good life. This is where we start.
I love working with college students and recent college graduates who are embarking on the next chapter of their lives and want a helping hand to reach the next level of success.

If you have ADHD...

I'm here to help you be more successful in school, life or business.

If you can't keep organized, feel overwhelmed, can't seem to get started on the things that are important to you, I can help. Staying focused on long term goals can be challenging.  Without the skills, resources and strategies to bypass your ADHD, you can be stuck in the same place for a long time.  I want you to move forward.  That's why I have designed several ADHD coaching programs.  One of them might be right for you.  

I help you focus on what's important, develop habits that lead to success, accomplish more of your goals, get started on important tasks sooner, and start living life in a way that makes you feel good and productive. With strategies and techniques tailored specifically for you, results come quickly. 

When you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of procrastination and avoidance, everyday feels the same.  Let's change that. When you have the support, structure, and accountablility you need, it really makes a difference. Coaching helps.  Call or email me anytime and we can talk about a program that might be right for you.  

Change can be tough.  Its hard work.  But its worth it.  Take strong, decisive action and move! 

Schedule an introductory strategy session with me to get started.

You'll walk away with some clear direction and best next steps.  Fill out the form  at the bottom of the page or sign up here!    

ADHD Coaching for High School & College students

Sarah specializes in coaching ADHD adults and adolescents.  We work to develop success skills and habits, then we move on to developing good routines.   

  • Attend to goals long enough to complete them
  • Learn to self-motivate and stay on task
  • Develop strategies to enhance follow-through on projects
  • Identify barriers to progress and strategies to move past them

ADHD Coaching for College Students:

The college years are an excellent time to work with a coach. Young adults receive the support and structured guidance needed to succeed in an academic environment that can be challenging and demanding. Building solid organizational skills and easy-to-manage routines helps eliminate the "crisis-of-the-month" that can sometimes follow the young adult with ADHD.

Sarah has designed a very practical and hands-on approach to working with young adults with ADHD.  Working on problems in real time yeilds the best results!    

Call 215-995-0155 or email Sarah to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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