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Do I really need an ADHD coach?

Here's what coaching will do for you...

  • Get and stay organized.
  • Increase your productivity
  • Get focused and prioritize
  • Use and understand your time better
  • Communicate more effectively 
  • Manage stress better

Imagine your life flowing more smoothly with less chaos and more clarity and focus.  Imagine having more time in your life because you're using your time productively.  Imagine better relationships because you communicate more effectively with loved ones.  Imagine an organized and pleasant work space because you're able to set up your environment for success.    

Living with an ADHD brain makes it harder for you to do things that your friends and family can do without too much struggle. Because of that, you are held to the same standard as everyone else with what we call "neuro-typical" brains. 

That are supposed to be on time, stay organized, remember important things, make thoughful decisions, understand priorities, and manage your impulses and your frustrations really well.

Are you able to succeed at all those things?  If not, coaching can help.

The way that coaching helps is by providing structure and accountability for you as you develop new habits.  We work to make these new habits stick so they become as routine and automatic as brushing your teeth or turning out the light before you go to bed.  

As an ADHD coach, I know this is the only way to help you make these lasting changes.  Making these changes will help you be successful in your life.  And that's what its all about.  So, if that makes sense to you, give me a call or send an email and we'll schedule a time to talk.

You and I will touch base to talk about how you want to function differently and what your goals are.  I'll ask a few questions to see if I can help as your coach.  Then, you decide if you want to move forward.

For so many people, its not easy to ask for help.  A lot of us want to solve our problems on our own or don't understand how getting professional help can make a difference.  I'm here to tell you two things: getting help can make a BIG difference, and I know what's possible for you when you make these changes.  

So, time is ticking!  Let's get started today.