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What clients are saying!

"I brought Sarah Shore in to work on getting my business in shape. I have a retail store in a busy location. She showed me how to get my business where I know it should be. With what she's taught me.. I've got staff now that do their jobs well, I've got systems that are actually working well, and I can spend my time actually growing my business instead of putting out fires or dealing with constant chaos. I'm more satisfied with my business and my life is better too because of it. Its taken so much of the stress away. But the best part, aside from that, is that our profit margin has pretty much doubled."

30-Something, Small Business Owner, Philadelphia


"I'm mild-mannered and on the quiet side. I'm a private person. It took a lot for me to get started with life coaching. I didn't know what to expect. Sarah never judged me, she focused on my successes, my strengths, and my goals. It was so different from anything I ever tried before. Now that I went through the coaching with Sarah, I'm in a better job that actually challenges me and I feel like I'm accomplishing things I always wanted to do, like travel more, renovate my house, and I even started dating again (only 4 dates so far). I'm still mild-mannered and kind of shy. But now, I'm more satisfied with my life, and I'm accomplishing a lot more with it. I'm more respected now."

40-Something, Health Care Administrator, Philadelphia


"Literally, one of the best investments I've made in my life. I've had my own law firm for 30 years. I was behind-the-times. I needed to get some new life into my business. I was skeptical, not sure if hiring someone was the right thing to do. I'm self-sufficient and cheap (Sarah would say frugal, and that it's a strength). Sarah's business coaching has made a big difference. I'm now generating more than enough referrals to keep me busy. Billable hours are up. I'm out of my "comfort zone" and now I see the benefits. My practice is hopping."

60-Something Small Business Owner, New Jersey


"So I wanted to start a dating service for a few years, but never got off my butt. So I didn't know where to start. I had a great idea. I couldn't focus, though. So, I figured I need a life coach, right? I'm glad I did that. So glad! I mean, I'm in my early 30's, I live in the city, I've had my ups-and-downs in relationships, I'm not into the 9 to 5 scene. In general, just not too happy. Working with Sarah? Seriously, I can't believe the difference in my life now from a few months ago. I know I can work hard but I needed her coaching to get me off my butt and actually doing something. Let's put it this way, I never would have thought I'd be an "entrepreneur" dating someone with a car and a job that I actually respect. I'm still me, just a lot better. Thank you Sarah"

30-Something Entrepreneur, Philadelphia


"I can now admit that I am what you might call high-strung and demanding. Before working with Sarah, I would have bit your head off if you told me that. Now I understand that 1) its part of who I am, 2) if I look at it the right way, these are actually strengths that I have, 3) I can learn to balance these traits with others skills to achieve what I want without alienating people or being difficult. I was just stuck in my dating life and professionally. I just wasn't getting anywhere. I guess I was turning people off. My coaching with Sarah has been amazing. What I learned through the coaching we did is that as hard as I'm trying to communicate something, that other person wants to be heard too. When I started taking a second to actually listen to others instead of steamrolling over them, I started to develop more collaborative relationships at work, and I think I became more approachable in my dating life. I needed someone to give me the feedback that Sarah gave me. I needed to not take it personally. I needed someone to open my eyes. Sarah did that and so much more. I'm not miserable anymore! I'm actually excited about what I can accomplish now. I see what my barriers were and I've made changes. Now, I see the results."

40-Something Physical Therapist, Philadelphia