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Help your son or daughter with ADHD be more successful in college...and beyond.


Dear Parent:

  • Do you want to see your son or daughter succeed in college?
  • Do you find yourself nagging and micromanaging?
  • Do you worry that he or she won't be able to manage the complex responsibilities of college?


Are you worried that your son or daughter’s ADHD is going to stop him or her from being successful in college?

Here's what I hear from parents all the time:

  • "I'm afraid he's going to drop out...or flunk out of school."
  • “If she doesn’t get an education, she'll have no good job prospects."
  • "Doing poorly in school is really taking a toll on my kid's self-confidence."
  • "I just want my kid to reach his full potential."


"I know what's possible for your child with ADHD."

My focus is to help my ADHD clients achieve what they want in life. I know first-hand that cookie-cutter strategies to solving the problems of ADHD just don’t work. College students with ADHD need solutions tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. That’s where “The College Success System for ADHD" comes in.

After more than 10 years and hundreds of hours coaching students with ADHD, I know what's possible for your son or daughter:

  • feeling a sense of pride because of good grades
  • self-confidence
  • feeling like a success
  • having more career options
  • remembering to get stuff done
  • showing up on time
  • keeping an organized schedule

I’ve helped students with ADHD develop better habits and achieve results.  As a coach and therapist trained in ADHD, psychology, motivation, and behavior change, I know what your son or daughter needs to be successful and I know how it needs to be delivered to get the full benefit.

I have witnessed the struggle and pain that students with ADHD experience as they try to do things that come easily to you and me. I have seen the embarrassment and frustration they live with because they really do try but just haven’t succeeded yet.

Level the playing field so your child can:

  • Effectively solve problems
  • Organize and respond to communications and assignments
  • Reduce effects of distractibility
  • Coach themselves to perform better
  • Get rid of thoughts that sabotage success
  • Focus on approaching problems instead of avoiding them


Do you want to see your kid moving fast toward a bright future? Filled with career opportunities, financial security, and the life he or she deserves?

I'm Sarah Shore, ADHD Coach and creator of "The College Success System for ADHD." I am committed to helping adolescents with ADHD experience more success and reach their full potential. I've developed this expertise over the past 15 years working with adolescents and adults. I started out as a therapist and soon realized I wanted to help my clients develop better behaviors that would lead them to success. I didn’t want my clients focusing on the past. I wanted them to move forward to the bright future ahead of them. So, I left the field of therapy to focus full time on life coaching. It was one of my very first coaching clients that really opened my eyes to the pain and struggle that kids with ADHD experience.


Barry's Story...

When I first started out, I didn’t really think there was much to ADHD. Maybe these kids were a little distractible, a little hyper...but I didn’t see it for the severe condition I now know it to be. Then I met Barry. He was 21 at the time, had been to boarding school and back, lots of behavior problems as a teen, had a few attempts at college under his belt but none completed successfully, and he knew what he wanted. He wanted to succeed in college, get himself together, manage the cash he earned from his part time job as a waiter, and develop his goals for the future. He dreamed of being a photographer.


He was one of the most articulate, talented, and bright 21-year-olds I had ever met...

And his ADHD was severe. It became crystal clear to me that he had trouble focusing during our conversations. I could see him fight to concentrate and stay present in our conversations. I wanted to help Barry and kids just like him. I could see the potential he had. And even more important, he knew the potential he had. I’ll never forget asking him why he wanted to start working with a coach. He said, “I know I’m capable of great things, I just need to figure out how to get there.” This program was born out of my work with Barry and countless other adolescents and college students over many years.

When Barry got the support and structure and tools he needed to really be successful,

  • his confidence shot way up
  • he seemed happier
  • he was proud of himself and his accomplishments

His ADHD had been holding him back but after working on the skills and habits I teach in what is now called "The College Success System for ADHD," Barry really blossomed into the successful 20-something he was meant to be.


The College Success System for ADHD

The College Success System combines daily accountability and structure, daily coaching, weekly live video group coaching, cognitive behavioral homework, and visually interesting educational content for skill development.  Using transformational program design methodology, this system has been developed to create deep and lasting change.


You want your child to shine as brightly as he or she is capable.

Your son or daughter is capable of great things and I want to give him or her the tools to accomplish their goals.  This program gives them dozens of strategies and techniques that are all customizable by the students themselves so that the ultimate solutions come from them! 

The system has proven so effective, and the steps so predictable, I wanted to reach more ADHD students and their families. I know the difference it can make for a student who is struggling.

With "The College Success System for ADHD" your child will:

  • Make small changes that create big results
  • Transform bad habits to successful ones
  • Change lifelong habits and mindsets
  • Achieve self-defined goals
  • Leverage his or her strengths
  • End the cycle of procrastination and avoidance


Learn more about the program here...



"The College Success System for ADHD" group program is an 8-week group psychoeducational and cognitive behavioral program for college students with ADHD or similiar executive functioning weaknesses.

Enrollment in the program is rolling. The goal of the program is to solidify new daily behavioral habits that will enhance student success.  

Students are first scheduled for a one-on-one program orientation & coaching session during which they are oriented to the components of the program and receive focused coaching to define their daily goals for the 8 weeks.

Second, students are placed in online coaching groups that utilize proprietary software.  These groups are composed of up to 10 participants who are encouraged to spend at least 10 minutes daily reporting on their progress, commenting on the work of others in their group, and receiving coaching and recommendations from the professional coach overseeing each student's progress. 

Third, the program includes educational modules that take the student through 4 stages of learning. The modules deliver content related to ADHD, limiting beliefs, behavior change, habit formation, strategies for success, and strategies for sustaining change and measuring success over time.

Educational content is delivered primarily through the use of white board animation technology which serves to keep the audience engaged and attentive.  The modules are broken down into several 5 or 10 minute video clips and audio files so the student learns the information in spurts.

Fourth, students participate in 8 live virtual group coaching sessions via Skype once a week for 8 weeks. These live video coaching sessions are an opportunity to connect with peers and coach, receive live feedback, report on successes, and get clarification on the educational component of the program.

The entire program is overlaid with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques which have proven very effective in behavior change for those with ADHD.  The program has been designed using what is called "transformational program design methodology" (Gershon & Straub, 2011) and relies heavily on theoretical constructs related to sustaining behavior change over time.

Many college students with ADHD also suffer from co-morbid disorders such as anxiety and depression.1  The support and structure of "The College Success System for ADHD" provides an additional safety net to support these students and connect them to outside resources when needed.

There is significant evidence detailing the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy2, 3,4,5  for adults with ADHD as compared to general supportive therapy which is why "The College Success System for ADHD" incorporates numerous detailed interventions as per cognitive behavioral therapy protocols.

Program design was also conducted with deep respect for the powerful impact that group participation can have on participant success in the program and long after its completion.  The benefits to students of becoming a part of the community program and participating in the group coaching sessions are numerous.  These benefits have been articulated through the work of Yalom and Leszcz specificallyand are as follows: 

  • Universality:   Members recognize that other members share similar feelings, thoughts and problems
  • Altruism:  Members gain a boost to self concept through extending help to other group members
  • Instillation of hope:  Member recognizes that other members’ success can be helpful and they develop optimism for their own improvement
  • Development of socializing techniques:  The group provides members with an environment that fosters adaptive and effective communication
  • Imitative behavior:  Members expand their personal knowledge and skills through the observation of Group members’ self-exploration, working through and personal development
  • Cohesiveness:  Feelings of trust, belonging and togetherness experienced by the group members
  • Existential factors:  Members accept responsibility for life decisions
  • Catharsis:  Members release of strong feelings about past or present experiences
  • Interpersonal learning input:  Members gain personal insight about their interpersonal impact through feedback provided from other members
  • Interpersonal learning output:  Members provide an environment that allows members to interact in a more adaptive manner
  • Self-understanding:  Members gain insight into psychological motivation underlying behavior.

With the powerful components of daily accountability, weekly live group coaching sessions, cognitive behavioral strategies, group participation and support, and transformational program design, "The College Success System for ADHD" has been designed with the ultimate success of students in mind.


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