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11 Ways to Succeed on the Job with Adult ADHD

These tips are adapted from the slideshow at

Many of my clients feel that they are not reaching their full level of productivity and efficiency during the work day.  While all strategies need to be adapted to fit each individual person and his or her personality, the following tips offer a great place to start. 

1.  Focus on one thing only:  Try to keep your desk clear of all but what you need for the task at  hand.

2.  Silence your inner critic:  Many times, good enough is just that...good enough.  

3.  Download tasks to paper:  Make sure to keep short, simple working lists of the tasks to complete.

4.  Stay focused in meetings:  A popular strategy to be successful here is to take notes throughout.

5.  Activate your attention:  Do some jumping jacks or climb a few flights of stairs to get the blood pumping.

6.  Put time on your side:  Set a timer for completing tasks so you can mark time passing.

7.  Keep your work space tidy:  Spend a few minutes each day clearing clutter and organizing papers.

8.  Don't let email control you:  Check email three times a day--morning, lunch, and before the end of the day.

9.  Manage distractions:  Work on difficult projects after hours or during non-peak times to minimize distractions.

10.  Pump up attention:  Fidget, walk around, chew gum or hard candy.  All will help focus your attention.

11.  Ask for help:  An ADHD coach is a great resource to help you experience greater success at work!

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