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Artist Dates

My daughter is 4 and playdates are the thing!  Even though they can be hard to schedule, there is nothing more important to my daughter’s development than love…and play.  Play often falls to the bottom of the list as far as adults are concerned and here’s where Artist Dates come in.  

Artist Dates are the second part of the three-step process that Julia Cameron writes about in “The Artist’s Way.”  Morning Pages are the first and provide direction on your journey.

Keep in mind you don’t have to be an artist or creative for these strategies to be effective.  Writing each morning clears your mind and gets your energy focused.  Worth building into your daily life as a good habit that will help you create greater success. 

The idea with the Artist Dates is that you take time for inspiration.   Once a week, you will go on your own to do something fun, playful, enjoyable, inspiring.  It could be anything that woos you…that’s the idea.  It should feel inspiring.  You should feel drawn to it.  If you do, you are on the right date! 

Going to the park to read, visiting an art supply store for new materials, taking a new dance class…whatever your heart desires.  You are to spend time by your lonesome doing something that feels playful. “Artist’s dates are assigned play.” –Julia Cameron, Author of “The Artist’s Way.”

Ask yourself “what sounds fun?”  Then, go do it.  These solo expeditions are meant to replenish and inspire your imagination.  With that replenishment and inspiration, you can approach the rest of your week with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.  As a weekly habit, it helps you to build fun and whimsy into your life. 

The magic happens when you don’t just do this once or twice but you build it into your life as a habit—something that you do on a regular basis, no matter what.  This is a weekly date with yourself…with that part of you that needs time to explore and play. 

In our work-obsessed culture, this probably sounds self-indulgent.  And it is.  And it should be.  Why shouldn’t we indulge ourselves once in a while in a pursuit that brings us joy and ease?

Do this!  Sign a 12-week contract with yourself that says you’ll embark on one Artist’s date per week!  I’m excited for you…and I hope you’ll give it a try.  It is simple.  And it is effective if you want to be more productive in any endeavor…because you are filling up your reserve of energy and focus during these inspirational play dates.

Our group coaching program, Focus Forward, can help you stick with your goal of incorporating Artist Dates as a lifelong habit.  Don’t wait.  Our next group starts September 7th!

Here’s to all the inspiration and play coming your way as you commit to one Artist’s date a week.  I’m excited for you to get started…

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