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I Will Form Good Habits

Persistent consistent effort toward a goal or desired state of being creates a habit.  Good habits create success.  Are you ready to start developing more good habits?  I hope so. 

Maybe your goal is the habit itself (like walking more), or maybe the habit is the action you need to take to get you to the larger goal (like walking more to lose a few pounds). 

If your goal is a 3.0 GPA, your habit needs to be one hour of reading per night per class.  If your goal is greater flexibility, your habit is a daily yoga practice.  Get the picture?

I was introduced to the book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” several years ago by a good friend who has amazing discipline and focus.  This short book about perseverance, discipline, and success shares timeless principles, even if the language is a bit outdated.

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the differences of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Thus, the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is – I will form good habits and become their slave.  

My actions are ruled by appetite, passion, prejudice, greed, love, fear, environment, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is habit. Therefore, if I must be a slave to habit let me be a slave to good habits. My bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed.  I will form good habits and become their slave.”

Form good habits!  Good habits pave the path to success.

  • Walking
  • Eating nutritious food
  • Stretching
  • Drinking enough water
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Learning new things
  • Reading for personal development
  • Keeping a to-do list
  • Daily decluttering
  • Keep in regular contact with special friends and family
  • Journaling
  • Meditating

I personally want to be doing all of the things on this list as part of my daily routine.  In my mind, these are the elements that create a harmonious and productive lifestyle.  I challenge you to start a new healthy, productive habit now!  And if you want some structure, accountability, and coaching support along the way, give me a call or check out Focus Forward.

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