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A job you hate? Well, its only temporary!

Do you hate your job right about now? Concerned about the tough job market? Thinking you’ll never escape? Well, think again! There is light at the end of the tunnel, but for now, let’s consider ways to make it more bearable. Sleeping 12 hours a day? Crying about how much you hate your job? Bemoaning your fate to friends and family? Well, take a look at these strategies and add some proactive and self-protective tactics to your survival strategy!

1. Your mantra must become: “Its only temporary.” Reminding yourself of this fact can help you to remember that change does happen and you are not doomed forever. If you need to, repeat this mantra to yourself 50 times a day.

2. Do something everyday to move you closer toward your goal—whether that’s a new job, a career transition, or starting your own business. Little things mean a lot:
· Spend just 5 minutes a day looking at job postings on line.
· Spend 5 minutes a week editing and improving the key words in your resume.
· Find a networking group and attend one meeting a month. Just one can make a big difference.

3. Talk to your co-workers. Even if you cannot tolerate even one in the bunch, socializing (that’s right, for only 5 minutes) lifts your mood and makes the day go faster.

4. Manage Up—learn to coach your boss. When your boss behaves in ways that are helpful, or maybe even just tolerable, positively reinforce him or her by giving praise. People learn quickly to repeat behaviors that others find desirable. This is a great strategy for systematically eliminating bad boss behaviors and increasing good ones.

5. You know it—Exercise. Take the pup out for 15 minutes before work. Not possible? Here’s a secret strategy: Go into the bathroom, or the stair well and do a few sets of jumping jacks, lunges, and squats. You’ll get your blood pumping and look toned to boot.

6. Increase the Life in Work Life Balance! Being in a job you hate causes depression, frustration, lethargy, and overall bad moods. Plan your life like you plan your work week. Schedule two to three nights a week for socializing with friends.
--A bottle of wine and a bag of pretzels and you’ve got “Happy Hour at Home.”
--Expand your horizons with a free or low-cost class at the local high school. Belly dancing anyone?
--Massage night with your mate—60 minutes each—no cost, high return on investment (decreased stress, affection, and who knows what else?).

Balance between your life and your work will make your hell-job more bearable. Remember, its 8 hours a day.

If all else fails, here’s a sure-fire way to make the day move faster. Everyday, write out the total hours you must spend at work just like this: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 on a sheet of paper. Fold it up to make it really small. Keep it in your pocket. After each hour passes, take a big marker and draw an X though that hour. So, let’s say its 10:00 and you’ve survived your first hour at work. Celebrate by drawing a big X through the 8. Now, only 7 more to go. You’ll start to see progress in no time!

With Encouragement: Sarah Shore, M.S.

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