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Life Coaching for the Skeptical...

Lose Weight! Make More Money! Find Your Dream Job! Attract Your Ideal Mate! We've all heard these promises from infomercials, websites, e-books, psychics, and others. But what about life coaching? Is it for real? Or just another set of empty promises?

At Sarah Shore Consulting, LLC, I offer life coaching and business consulting services for the skeptical. Anything worthwhile takes effort. It takes hard work. The difference between do-it-yourself improvement and improvement through an investment in life coaching is this--an improvement expert whose profession is to ensure that you reach your goals.

Not all life coaches are improvement experts. Anyone can call him or herself a life coach. This is not a bad thing. But the savvy consumer knows this and seeks out a coach that is the best match for his or her personality, style, and objectives. I encourage anyone interested in life coaching to view my informational videos at

As we move into 2009, I'm delighted to be offering a unique and transformational workshop event "Creating Innovation in Your Own Life." The workshop is designed to teach you how to harness the power of innovative thinking to create the solution to your goal or challenge. Sometimes, we just need to start thinking outside the box! Still skeptical? Stay tuned.

With Encouragement, Sarah Shore, M.S.

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