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I don’t think there is a better, more productive, more healthful habit to develop than a daily walk.  Times in my life when I’ve been in the habit of a daily walk have been some of the happiest, most productive, most centered times of my life. 

There is something to be said for rituals.  There is something to be said for routine…daily routine—the kind that happens no matter what. 

Walking is the third tool from The Artist’s Way, a book which has inspired me recently to make some lifestyle changes.  The first daily habit (Morning Pages) is the act of filling three pages of paper with your longhand writing…about absolutely anything that crosses your mind that morning. 

The second habit (Artist’s Dates) is about setting aside a block of time each week to do something that inspires you—that replenishes your energy.  And walking is the third habit.  The first habit provides direction.  The second habit provides inspiration.  The third habit, walking, provides integration. 

Integration comes from the Latin integratus meaning “to make whole.”  A daily walking habit allows you to integrate all the parts of your psyche that are fractionated and cut off in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life.  Plain and simple, walking each day gives you the opportunity to tune in to things that are important to you…things that may have taken a back seat to the seemingly urgent tasks of our life.

We can get so lost in checking email, running errands, making dinner, giving the kids a bath, or paying bills.  A daily walking habit requires you to take time away and let your mind wander as your feet walk whatever path you choose.  If I could suggest one powerful change to make this month, it would be to start a walking habit. 

Walk each day for at least a half hour (you want to give your mind time to do its work).  Early morning or evening…whatever works for your schedule.  Making a decision to add this daily habit to your life will work its magic in no time. 

And if you need help getting the support, structure, and accountability you need to make this new habit stick, may I suggest our next session of Focus Forward.  You can check it out here.  In the meantime, write, play, walk…  

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