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Ready to get started?

What kind of coaching do you offer?

ADHD coaching helps you to address the areas of your life most impacted by ADD/ADHD.  

Life coaching can certainly include business, professional, and career issues as well as all other life areas.  

Business development coaching addresses all the aspects of your business and creates a targeted approach to take your business to the next level of profitability, productivity, employee and customer loyalty.

Sarah's academic coaching is an overall approach to learning and school success that she developed to help students bridge the gap between ability and performance. 

What issues do you work on with clients?

  • ADHD issues (time management, organization, productivity, academics)
  • Personal effectiveness and productivity
  • Business Development
  • Health, fitness and weight loss, nutrition
  • Dating & relationships
  • Self-image
  • Finances
  • Assertiveness
  • Increased satisfaction with daily life
  • School success

My business development clients often choose to work in the following areas related to business:

  • increasing profitability
  • teamwork
  • marketing and communications
  • internal process redesign
  • system improvements

What's different about the kind of coaching you do?

I believe: Life should be fun! You are capable of truly living your dreams! You have the skills and resources to get where you want to go!

I am guided by integrity, authenticity, and growth. That means that I value you as a whole person and see you as capable of truly living your dreams. I offer guidance, support, and a blend of techniques that are based on my expertise in psychology, change and personal improvement.

This process gets you to where you want to go in your life or business. I pride myself on making the coaching process FUN for you. After coaching, you’re still you…only better, and a lot more satisfied with your life.

What is a life coach?
A life coach is someone who works with clients to identify your goals and guide you toward reaching a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Personally, I am trained in psychology, psychotherapy, organizational improvement, coaching, and ADHD coaching.  This depth of knowledge in the fields of change and improvement allows me to help you achieve your goals and dreams through a combination of techniques, personal counseling, and genuine support.  I have over a dozen years of experience coaching clients toward the achievement of their goals.  

How can I tell if coaching is for me?
Give us a call and we'll schedule a consultation.  Sarah will discuss your goals for coaching, and help you understand how the process works.  Then, she'll tell you to take a day or two, and decide if its right for you.  If you want to get started, we can generally schedule your first session for the following week.  

Coaching is for you if you are feeling "stuck" or unsatisfied. Are you lacking fulfillment or joy in your life? Coaching is for you if you have an area of your life that you want to feel better about. Coaching is for you if you are just going through the motions, so to speak, and feeling stuck or unhappy. 

How can I tell who would be the best coach for me?
Its about the right match. You are looking for a coach you "click with." You should feel comfortable communicating with your coach and supported by him or her. Do you sense a connection to this person? Do you feel you can work closely with him or her? Does this person motivate and inspire you?  Sarah's coaching style is interactive and high energy.  She moves quickly so you'll have to slow her down if she moves too fast for your pace.

How is academic coaching different from tutoring?