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Thoughts on focus and productivity for women who want to get more done. In order to move forward you're going to want to consider taking several steps back. In order to live and function optimally, we must build a foundation brick by brick.  This essay describes the areas I think you should address first.  And if you want support in addressing them, I can help.



Social anxiety is overcome when we shift our focus and learn new ways of interacting with others. We must focus on making and maintaing connections with others. And we must learn to manage our autonomic nervous system with effective techniques. Give this essay a read to determine if my point of view resonates with you.  And if so, you may be interested in the Easy Confidence program for social anxiety.


The world needs people doing what they love. But the world also needs people doing the healing work that will restore and revitalize all of our earth's living ecosystems, including the human ones.  Whether your thing is acupuncture, yoga, teaching, coaching, reiki, tarot, art, writing, therapy, or other holistic, spiritual, educational, creative, environmental or healing path--the world needs YOU doing what you're doing, and reaching the people who could really use what you're offering. This essay describes how I help you do that.