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Depth Coaching-

Have you ever felt ready to make a shift? To shift into the person you really are or were always meant to be? Do you know the feeling I’m talking about? A feeling like you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do--the things that society seems to require of us.  

Go to school, start a career, find a spouse, get married, buy a house, have children, save for retirement and on and on and on...

You’ve done all those things. Or most of them.  And you’re ready for the next chapter. You’re ready to attend to your soul’s longing.  You’re ready to be the writer or the artist or the activist or the teacher or the healer or the lover or the hero.  Whatever it may be for you, you hear the longing of your soul to do something more, something different, something authentic to your true and highest self. 



If you have ever felt that desire…that will help you understand the work that I do.  I help you make the shift.  I help you start attending to your authentic self and striving toward greater integration and wholeness of all the parts of you that have been left in the wilderness while you were dutifully fulfilling all the material and familial responsibilities of life. 

Some people get to the point of being ready sooner than others.  But for most people it’s in mid-life where the fog starts to lift and there is a return to more timeless pursuits and interests.  I’m here to help you uncover all that.  I’m here to help you unfurl your creative spirit and direct it toward that which is most meaningful for you in your life, whatever that may be.