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Get out of the funk—Get into the FLOW!

Design your Daily Success Ritual to help you achieve your goals…one change at a time!
What is your vision for your life?  Are you feeling stuck?  A Daily Success Ritual could be just the thing to get you out of the funk and into the flow of the life you want to create. 

A “Daily Success Ritual:”

  • is a new daily habit
  • forms the foundation for your mindset each day
  • provides you with a powerful jump-start
  • gives you the momentum you need to make solid progress toward your goals and dreams
  • is powerful!  

Adding this level of discipline to your life can help make other bigger changes easier.  Implementing a daily success ritual for 5 minutes a day allows you to:

  • CLARIFY what you want to achieve TODAY
  • Be PRESENT in the moment
  • Have the OPPORTUNITY to acknowledge and appreciate your blessings
  • FOCUS on your health , wealth, relationships, and success in a new way
  • Get out of the funk and into the FLOW

It can involve activities like: 

  • Physical:  Yoga, Running, Walking, Stretching
  • Mental:  Mediation, Prayer, Affirmations, Reading something inspirational
  • Planning:  Journaling, Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing

Ideally, your Daily Success Ritual will include physical activity to ground you in the material world, a mental component to help you connect with positivity, and a planning component to focus you on your biggest dreams and the steps you will take TODAY to get closer to that vision. 

Make this ritual personal and unique and perform your ritual on a DAILY BASIS, preferably in the early morning when you first awake.  Consistency over time—that is the key!  If you are interested in beginning this new habit, get started with Sarah today.

Get out of the funk—Get into the FLOW Daily Success Ritual  **Fee:  $75**

Sign up with Sarah via email and complete payment via PayPal.  Sarah will contact you to begin the process.  Here’s what’s included...
1.  Getting Started Life Assessment.  You will complete this questionnaire as a first step toward the creation of your Daily Success Ritual.  It will help you to get connected back to the dreams and goals that are important to you but that seem to take a back seat each day as the responsibilities of daily life creep in.
2.  Brainstorming & Coaching Session with Sarah.  You will schedule a 25 minute coaching session with Sarah to work on the specific elements of your Daily Success Ritual to insure it is realistic, manageable, and aligned with your values, temperament, and goals. 
3.  Accountability!  Sarah will be checking in with you for the first week to insure that you begin to implement your Daily Success Ritual each morning.