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Professional Referral Form for ADHD Coaching

Get someone started with coaching today!

Making a referral is easy!

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for an effective resource for your clients, patients or students with ADHD.

As a coach, I’ve spent thousands of hours coaching adolescents and adults with ADHD, helping them to develop the skills and techniques needed to really be successful.  

We work together to focus on four main areas of time, tasks, self, and stuff because for folks with ADHD, managing those 4 things can present big challenges.

Here’s what happens when you refer a client. I send out a call or email to schedule an initial phone consultation.  If it sounds like ADHD coaching is the right resource, we will decide on when to get started, how often to meet, and what our initial goals for coaching are.

I work together with clients to design new habits that help each person experience more success in their daily life.  We do this through discussion, education, goal setting, accountability, and behavior change.

If you’re looking for an additional resource for a patient, client, or student with ADHD, I urge you to refer him or her today.  All referrals are completely confidential.  You should let your patient or client know I will be reaching out to him or her.  Just email and I will call you to obtain the information.