Sarah Shore Coaching & Training, LLC

Helping you make a positive impact in life and in business

What happens during our coaching sessions?

  • Learn something new
  • Make some decisions
  • Do some planning
  • Leave feeling motivated and inspired


Every session is different but they are all:

  • discussion-based
  • decision-oriented
  • action-focused


Here's what usually happens...

  1. Re-connecting...How are you doing?  What's going well?  What could be better?
  2. Checking in...How did you do this week with the habits and new behaviors we are working on?  
  3. Have you taken the daily success action steps we have discussed in our sessions?  
  4. Deciding..How and where will you apply new techniques and strategies that we discuss?
  5. Committments...What will you commit to this week?  What changes will you make?  What new behaviors will you try?