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Witchy Woman Supper Club & Year-Long Mystery School

Intimate evenings of dinner, dissent, enchantment, intuition and initiation

(by invitation only)


Imagine seasonal dinners 8 times a year in celebration of the quarter and cross-quarter days of the ancient pagan wheel of the year. Imagine cocktails and libations and merry meeting.  Imagine discussions of sedition and dissent and subversion. 


Imagine monthly study-sessions where we unravel patriarchy, midwife ourselves and each other into the new paradigm, learn how to access the wisdom of the old "healer in the woods" and the archetypes of wise and wild women.  

Imagine weaving this all together with sisterhoood and personhood and livelihood to take back our ways and our wisdom from the power structure.


Feasts that occur during the quarter and cross quarter days of the pagan wheel of the year.  Kitchen witchery, local and seasonal ingredients, herbs.  Nourishing souls and bellies. 

Food offerings of love and togetherness and genuine welcome. Good food. Meals provide nourishment and ground us in time and place.

Food that is made/grown/treated with love. Organic. From the heart.  Seasonal recognition and acknowledgement of the season, the turning of the wheel, what the earth provides to us at each of these turnings…and how connection to the seasons and the land makes connection to our intuition and authenticity so much easier. How attuning to the ancient turning of the wheel helps us remember cyclical time, so different from the linear version that suggests time marches forward, when what it actually does is turn again and again around the wheel.


Creating and pouring drinks as libations and offerings to the earth, our ancestors, our greater good.  Blending spirits, herbs, fruits, and syrups to create spirited merry-making, jovial conversation, cheerful lightheartedness and joy.  Libations fill us with spirit.

To inspirit, to make light. (Nonalcoholic version is always available for those who chose not to partake of the alcoholic component).



We live in a time where we cannot trust the government or its agents to promote the welfare of the people. Rather we can count on corruption, greed, misogyny, and racism, capitalism, and white privilege at the seat of all power in our country and increasingly around the world.  Their laws were written for them, not for us. Not for women, not for the poor, not for the black or brown ones among us. This is a radical taking-back of our collective power as women to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our children without the maleficent interference of those who would to do us harm.

Understanding medicine of all kinds and becoming the “healer in the woods” that others seek out for help and healing.  The hedge witch, the medicine woman, the wise woman, the wild woman.  We weave together learning about these archetypes and also learning the ways, the spells, the potions, and the midwifery—the knowledge that belongs to us as women but that has been long suppressed and burned out of our psyches. Mocked by the power structure because nothing scares them more than women’s witchy powers. We can do radical, revolutional, and subversive things to get their needs met and we can help others to do so as well.




  Archetypes, Wild Woman, Witchy Ways and women’s intuition—

This is the content of our work together, the topics of our discussions, the formal learning part of the program. I believe in archetypes, in the unconscious, in strengthening your intuition, in storytelling. I see the wise healer, the wild woman as embodied and grounded. This is *not* the divine feminine, this is woman grounded and rooted to the earth in harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides, the waxing and waning of the moon, the cycles of life and death.  Embodiment, groundedness, nourishment, rootedness.  A midwife, a mother, a witch—birthing babies, initiating women into sacred rites, healing sickness, tending to the dying and the just-being-born.


Radical Visions and Conjurings—

Feasting and merry-making are one thing. Raising our consciousness is another. Debating climate change, the media, consumerism, politics, and holding a radical vision for ourselves and each other is part of the work we'll do.  We are teachers, artists, healers and wise women.  We will envision radical changes to the current American way of life...and conjure more gardening, homesteading , permaculture, authentic connection, attunement, attachment, mothering, tending to life in all its stages, and the slow & simple living lifesytle.


 Rituals and Practices—

Learning to lean on ancient and centuries-old crafts--knitting, candle and soap making, flower drying, baking, painting, drawing, scuplting, wild-crafting, creating herbal remedies, creating coziness in home and heart. Tarot, altars, flowers, teas and tinctures and lotions and potions.



For each month--A flower, an herb, a stone, a crystal, a folk remedy, a moon, an archetype, a stage of the heroine’s journey, a ritual, a practice, a reading, a poem, a major arcana tarot card or two, a recipe, and a fairy tale or myth…

In this way, we renature ourselves to folklore, folk knowledge, folk wisdom.  We connect ourselves to the moons and the tides and the beauty of nature and the land upon which we live.  We celebrate the seasons with food and song and connection.  


Year-long and transformative—

Elements of secrecy and initiation, rites of passage and folk lore, we meet under the cloak of darkness (sort of) and with an air of secrecy, with whispers and wonder. Intimate evenings of dinner, dissent, enchantment, intuition and initiation.



 Supper Club-


We’ll meet in person for our supper club 8 times throughout the program, in accordance with the 8 festivals of the wheel of the year's quarter and cross quarter days (Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lugnasadh, Mabon, Samhain). We inaugurate our beginning at the time of greatest darkness with a day-long retreat around the time of the Winter Solstice—food, sisterhood, dreaming and scheming and potion-making and planning for the year ahead.

We conclude with an amazing celebratory day-long completion ceremony on the witch’s new year, Samhain, Friday November 1, 2019.  Tentative dates are as follows.  Location to be determined but somewhere within an hour’s drive of Philadelphia. Except for the two day-long retreats, circle begins at 6:30 and ends promptly at 9:30.

Casting the circle:  Yule Dec 14/15 (11am-7pm). Imbolc Feb 8/9.  Ostara Mar 22/23.  Beltane May 3/4.  Litha Jul 12/13.  Lugnasadh Aug 9/10.  Mabon Sep 20/21.  Completion ceremony:  Samhain(Witch's New Year) Nov 1/2 (12noon-7pm).


Study Group-

We meet virtually (and/or in person) for monthly study group/discussion.  Sisterhood, solidarity, soothsaying, sinking deeper into rootedness, embodiment, and ritual. 

Monthly study group meetings are the third Friday of every month (virtually and/or in person)7:30-9:00pm.  There is a curriculum with readings that you can move through at your own pace. In person attendance is preferable but you can certainly call in.  Doing the readings is ideal but the group coaching and discussion that happens during the study group doesn't require it. We'll be exploring myth, folklore, cultural conditioning, depth psychology, archetypes, and the heroine's journey in addition to current events and subversion of the dominant power structure. 


This is time to discuss the cultural messaging that prevents us as women from expressing the fullness of our being. We'll be examining these messages and raising consciousness about how they can limit us in our visions for our lives.  We will study archeypes and how they present in our cultural and personal lives, and how we can use these organizing principles to bring us deeper into our own consciousness and quest for wholeness and the authentic self.

We'll each place ourselves at our individual stage of the heroine's journey and attune to our unique wants and desires examining the archetypes currently active in our personal and cultural lives, the myths that we live by, and the ways in which the personal and collective shadow can sabotage us or be brought to consciousness.   



   Value Exchange—

This year-long Witchy Woman Supper Club & Mystery School is first meant to be fun! It’s meant to create a sense of community, re-skill us as women in ancient healing arts, let a little a magic into our lives, reconnect us to the natural world in big and small ways, teach us a little about botany and herbs, dismantle patriarchy in our personal lives, question capitalism, rage against climate destruction, and find ways to give our gifts to ourselves, each other, and the world.


  • Two day-long retreats complete with lunch and a 3 course dinner (vegetarian and non-alcoholic options available) in accordance with the quarter day feast of Yule (winter solstice) and the cross quarter day of Samhain.
  • Six three course dinners with cocktails and conversation in accordance with the remaining two quarter days and 4 cross quarter days on the Wheel of the Year (Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lugnasadh, Mabon).
  • Twelve study & discussion sessions (call-in or in person) on the third Friday of every month beginning in December and wrapping up in November 2019 when we explore the curriculum of the year-long program, get support on our individual journeys, participate in ritual and set intentions for the next moon cycle. 
  • Artisan-crafted text-book with readings, supplemental materials, packets of herbs, stones, and other goodies of the natural magic variety for meditation or spell casting or…


In exchange, the cost is twelve(12) monthly payments of $94. This is due on the 1st of each month starting Dec 1, 2018, ending Nov 1, 2019. 

A Love Letter-

Do you long, like I do, for cozy nights and warm conversation...around a beautiful and abundant table full of delicious food and drink, engaging in deep learning and initiation into the ways and rites of the women who came long before us, stoking the fire and the knowledge of the old ways?

Are you longing for an initiation into a new and old sisterhood? Into a different way of seeing yourself and seeing the world around you?  Are you curious about what you will find when you pull back the veil, meet the shadow, summon the wisdom and strength of all the brave and beautiful women that have come before? 

Do you long to connect deeply to the intuitive and instinctual wisdom of deeper and stronger ways of knowing?   Are you wanting scholarship, embodied learning, groundedness in time and place, sisterhood of the fun and authentic and ecstatic variety? Come along then.


Do you want to deepen your relationship with the natural world?  Do you want to bring to consciousness the ancient wisdom and deep intuition that is your birthright? Do you want to participate in the world, raging against wrong and making the personal political? 

Do you want to connect with a group of like-minded women within the container of our collective energy? Are you wanting to connect to your inner self and become more of the wise and wild woman you were meant to be? Then I encourage you to become initiated. 

This is about herbs, spells, rituals, meals, healing, study,longing, grief, anger, hopefulness, motherhood, sisterhood, womanhood...and the taking-back of our knowledge, our bodies, our land, our children, our futures. Join me. Enrollment ends November 30, 2019.   

Who I am-

I’m a student of human behavior, witchy ways, good meals, righteous anger, depth psychology, and loving care.  I’m a Jungian-inspired psychotherapist, feminist, mythologist, and life coach in Philadelphia.  My path has been varied and meandering. I’ve been a social worker, addictions counselor, community mental health center director, hosptial administrator and more.  But I’ve always worked in a therapeutic capacity with individuals and groups--toward making something better--since the late 1990’s.  Helping move people and cultures forward, toward the vision they have for themselves, their lives, their work.  

I want to unravel the invisible narrative and dominant paradigm so my children—-my daughters—-are prepared, and not swept away with the nonsense of it all.  I’m about understanding how our culture limits our full expression and oppresses most non-whites and non-males.  I'm about full bodily sovereignty.  I'm about helping you peel back that next layer of cultural-societal-familial conditioning to get to the heart of what really matters and what is your most true essense. 

Thanks to great mentors, deep scholarship, and long nights of sleepless soul-searching, I bring you this offering--Witchy Woman Supper Club & Year-Long Mystery School. It truly is an offering. A labor of love. An absolute joy.


I am a thrift-er, a baker, a reader, a writer, a ponder-er of what’s next, a student of tarot and permaculture and economics and anthropology, the collective unconscious and Jungian thought. I am always up to something.

I’m fiercely independent and incredibly scared most of the time about things that are quite benign.  I have a deep dark fear of being imprisoned and of all those oh-so-slight aches and pains of the everyday variety…among other things. I get alarmingly angry at injustice, both large and small.

I am a skilled facilitator and love to draw out real insight and revelation from others.  I love seeing you connect the dots to what you want and come to terms with the fact that you can indeed have it (most of the time).  I want nothing more than for you to leave this year-long program wiser, stronger, and more grounded in your ancestry, in the land you inhabit, and in your own body.